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The Influence of Art on Common People Free Essays

The Influence of Art on Common People Art is a vehicle of self-articulation; it can likewise be a test that threatens individuals. Workmanship can impact average folks from various perspectives: â€Å"It could be a wellspring of motivation for individuals with concealed masterful expertise; it could touch off the enthusiasm to make something of magnificence; it could unblock fears and insecurities,† composed writer Molly Prather in her article, â€Å"How does craftsmanship impact individuals? † Or it could without much of a stretch be disregarded. Dr. We will compose a custom article test on The Influence of Art on Common People or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now Margarita Cole, a craftsmanship gratefulness educator at HCC, characterizes average folks as the individuals who are not presented to workmanship or the individuals who are curious about visiting historical centers. This incorporates individuals who consider craftsmanship outsider. She discussed the impact of workmanship on average folks saying, â€Å"Some individuals overlook craftsmanship or think of it as bizarre. Others approach themselves what is this for? A considerable lot of them don't discover answer. Be that as it may, for certain individuals who find in workmanship an answer, it is a disclosure. † Sharon Hendry, a visual architect, craftsman and HCC teacher, has another perspective: â€Å"Artists have two fundamental destinations when they do workmanship: One is to placed something in a visual configuration to communicate a message; and second is that they use workmanship as a mechanism of correspondence. Craftsmanship can impart without words,† she included. Average citizens are influenced by craftsmanship in various manners. Hendry stated, â€Å"People respond when they take a gander at a work of art separating their feelings through their own encounters, their own history. † â€Å"The way individuals are influenced by art,† Dr. Cole stated, â€Å"depends a ton on their childhood †the measure of presentation to craftsmanship that they have and what is their origination of excellence. † Art is a mechanism of correspondence and it can have a profound effect, or be extremely shaky. â€Å"If we are available to workmanship, we can exploit it; on the off chance that we are shut to it, there is no way,† Dr. Cole remarked. She included, â€Å"Deep (art’s correspondence) as you permit it to go. On the off chance that you permit yourself to feel the spirit of the craftsman you are diving deep. † Hendry made a model about correspondence â€Å"When you text a message in your PDA, you are attempting to speak with someone. The other individual could get or deny your message. In the event that the individual that you are attempting to speak with sends you a reaction, you are setting up correspondence. The main way that a craftsman knows whether his work of art imparts a message is the point at which he gets feedback,† she included. A few people are hesitant to connect with workmanship possibly in light of the fact that they would prefer not to permit a correspondence with it. Dr. Cole discussed a case: â€Å"A understudy came to me after class and educated me regarding an arrangement task; he was attempting to deal with it however it was exceptionally hard to do and he was unable to complete it. As a matter of fact, he was not frightened about the work else; he was demonstrating his weakness to carry out the responsibility. We can place individuals before a test and some will say: ‘Okay let’s do it. ’ Others will respond the contrary way, declining to do it when indeed, they are responding to their feelings of dread. † â€Å"Art can fill in as motivation to stir the creative mind, ability and expertise covering up in somebody. It can open your feelings of trepidation and instabilities about creating,† Prather composed. Hendry substantiated this, saying, â€Å"This is the reason craftsmanship is imperative to me in my life. Each one of those thing â€inspires inventiveness, finds concealed ability and opens fears and instabilities †have helped me and helped my understudies. † Anna Reyner, a craftsmanship advisor, composed the article â€Å"Art Influences Learning† in which she stated, â€Å"Much has been expounded on how workmanship improves inventiveness, creative mind, and confidence, however far less is said about how craftsmanship supports perception, basic reasoning, and learning. † She makes reference to the U. S. Secretary of Education report, â€Å"The Value Added Benefits of the Arts,† which states, â€Å"Studies have demonstrated that expressions instructing and learning can increment student’s intellectual and social turn of events. Human expressions can be the connection for understudies in building up the critical reasoning abilities and inspirations they have to accomplish at more significant levels. † In a similar article Reyner composed, â€Å"Our current training framework places extraordinary accentuation on scholarly turn of events. Accordingly, expressions programs are being decreased or even wiped out from study halls to oblige progressively educational instructing techniques. Comprehensively, are average citizens mindful at the significance of craftsmanship as a piece of children’s instruction? Dr. Cole opined, â€Å"If they are not presented to workmanship, they won't have the option to do anything. † Dr. Cole stated, â€Å"My understudi es need to go to historical centers as a piece of the class prerequisites, yet a great deal of them are not intrigued and are hesitant to do the task. On the off chance that you are not presented to workmanship, it is likely the cutting edge won't be presented to craftsmanship either. † â€Å"Politics is more promoters attempting to make money,† Hendry remarked. Thus, craftsmanship isn't a need in the line of their subsidizing. † Art is available in regular schedules from multiple points of view. Numerous individuals know about it while others are not; still others are aloof. Advancing the advantages of workmanship could be a troublesome errand. â€Å"To advance art,† Dr. Cole stated, â€Å"we need to open individuals to craftsmanship, urge them to visit historical centers, and furthermore teach display faculty to bring well disposed treatment. A few people go to historical centers and get out furious in light of the awful treatment by the faculty. Teaching display staff is significant in the event that you need to advance workmanship. † â€Å"Parents need to urge youngsters to be associated with art,† Hendry remarked, â€Å"but commonly they are extremely occupied or they don't have the foggiest idea how valuable craftsmanship is on their children’s instructive procedure. † â€Å"Children learn best when the two sides of their minds are stimulated,† author Kevin Crockett said in the online article â€Å"How Art Influences Childhood-Development? † â€Å"This happens when the learning condition is both participatory and intelligent. The cutting edge study hall has a participatory side yet it is woefully ailing in intelligence. Drawing and workmanship is perhaps the most ideal approaches to bring intuitiveness into your child’s life. † â€Å"Art must be remembered for the bringing up of child,† Dr. Cole focused. â€Å"It is critical to urge outings to historical centers, creating kid communication with fine arts. † â€Å"Do not under gauge the significance of inventiveness, the capacity to think uniquely (out of the crate). The best scholars, creators, and business people within recent memory have a sound portion of right mind influence,† composed Crockett. Step by step instructions to refer to The Influence of Art on Common People, Papers

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Boyles Law Worked Sample Chemistry Problem

Boyle's Law Worked Sample Chemistry Problem In the event that you trap an example of air and measure its volume at various weights (steady temperature), at that point you can decide a connection among volume and weight. In the event that you do this investigation, you will find that as the weight of a gas test expands, its volume diminishes. As such, the volume of a gas test at steady temperature is contrarily corresponding to its weight. The result of the weight increased by the volume is a steady: PV k or V k/P or P k/V where P is pressure, V is volume, k is a steady, and the temperature and amount of gas are held consistent. This relationship is called Boyles Law, after Robert Boyle, who found it in 1660. Key Takeaways: Boyle's Law Chemistry Problems Basically, Boyles expresses that for a gas at steady temperature, pressure duplicated by volume is a consistent worth. The condition for this is PV k, where k is a constant.At a consistent temperature, on the off chance that you increment the weight of a gas, its volume diminishes. On the off chance that you increment its volume, the weight decreases.The volume of a gas is contrarily corresponding to its pressure.Boyles law is a type of the Ideal Gas Law. At typical temperatures and weights, it functions admirably for genuine gases. Be that as it may, at high temperature or weight, it's anything but a legitimate guess. Worked Example Problem The segments on the General Properties of Gases and Ideal Gas Law Problems may likewise be useful when endeavoring to work Boyles Law issues. Issue An example of helium gas at 25Â °C is compacted from 200 cm3 to 0.240 cm3. Its weight is presently 3.00 cm Hg. What was the first weight of the helium? Arrangement Its consistently a smart thought to record the estimations of every single known variable, showing whether the qualities are for starting or last states. Boyles Law issues are basically unique instances of the Ideal Gas Law: Introductory: P1 ?; V1 200 cm3; n1 n; T1 T Last: P2 3.00 cm Hg; V2 0.240 cm3; n2 n; T2 T P1V1 nRT (Ideal Gas Law) P2V2 nRT in this way, P1V1 P2V2 P1 P2V2/V1 P1 3.00 cm Hg x 0.240 cm3/200 cm3 P1 3.60 x 10-3 cm Hg Did you notice that the units for the weight are in cm Hg? You may wish to change over this to a progressively normal unit, for example, millimeters of mercury, airs, or pascals. 3.60 x 10-3 Hg x 10mm/1 cm 3.60 x 10-2 mm Hg 3.60 x 10-3 Hg x 1 atm/76.0 cm Hg 4.74 x 10-5 atm Source Levine, Ira N. (1978). Physical Chemistry. College of Brooklyn: McGraw-Hill.

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12 Personal Finance Twitter Accounts You Should Follow Today

12 Personal Finance Twitter Accounts You Should Follow Today 12 Personal Finance Twitter Accounts to Follow Today! 12 Personal Finance Twitter Accounts to Follow Today!We know. You want to learn more about personal finance, but you just don’t know where to start! Never fear. In addition to all the great personal finance resources available at, we also have a list of twelve awesome accounts that you can follow on Twitter.There is a wealth of smart, sound financial wisdom right at your fingertips. All you need to do is click.@DistilledDollarTwitter Bio: From earning a living to building wealth. A CPA fiancée distilling $$ topics down on our path to financial independence by age 35.What We Say: Chicago (and also forming sustainable personal finance habits) represent!@WiseBreadTwitter Bio: Personal Finance and Frugal Living Portal. Tweets by Ashley Jacobs (@CollegeCents)What We Say: Get tips and wisdom from a whole slew of amazing personal finance writers and experts. One of the best in the biz!@CentSaiTwitter Bio: CentSai is a group of  #Millennial  Finance experts teaching personal finance through stories.What We Say: We love personal finance. We love stories. We love Centsai. Check out our interview with Centsai Senior Advisor Beth Tallman!@CentSaiAdultingTwitter Bio: Be So Money, Your Finances Are Jealous.What We Say: Adulting is hard, ya’ll. But with these fine folks, you can adult better.@MoneyTiperoTwitter Bio: Personal finance tips including saving, budgeting, investing and dealing with debt. Share your own money tip!  What We Say: If you like ‘em short and sweet, then this is the account for you!@The_Budget_MomTwitter Bio: Accredited Financial Counselor ® Helping real women live on a real budget.What We Say: Wonderful advice here about how to save and how to live.@ThePennyHoarderTwitter Bio: The Penny Hoarder is one of the worlds largest personal finance websites with 10+ million monthly readers.What We Say: If you were going to read only one personal finance website, this might just be the one.@FinFitandFabTwitter Bio : I help millennials kick their finances into shape! Freelance writer VA for hire.What We Say: Great advice. Great writing. Great stuff!@TheBudgetnistaTwitter Bio: Americas favorite financial educator #1 bestselling author: The One Week Budget. HuffPost blogger. Seen on: TODAY/ MSNBC/ TIME/ NYTimes/ FORBES/ ReutersWhat We Say: A gateway to all of the spectacular advice that Tiff the Budgetnista has to offer.@MllnnlbudgetTwitter Bio: #PersonalFinance  Blogger | Dividend Investor | MBA | Tax Accountant | Caribbean Born | Millennial AdvocateWhat We Say: Sound advice to help millennials (an anyone!) get their finances under control.@StefanieOconnelTwitter Bio: #PersonalFinance  expert. Helping #millennials  master their  #money  so they can build lives and careers on THEIR terms.  What We Say: Expert wisdom that is expertly given.@mnmlstfinanceTwitter Bio: #blogger  at Minimalist Finance | architecture grad | Im passionate about paying off $40k in debt and inspiring others to do the sameWhat We Say: This fantastic site combines personal finance insight with Amanda’s personal mission to become debt free.And of course, if you don’t follow us already, make sure you do that: You can find us at @OppLoans.Happy Tweeting!

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Sports Will Either Be A School Of Virtue Or A School Of

Sports will either be a school of virtue or a school of vice, and that s why the epidemic of cheating in professional sports is, and ought to be, a huge cultural concern† (Landry, 2012, para. 1). Professional sports are littered with cheating scandals and as technology advances so will access to new and clever techniques. There are many ways to cheat in sports, such as fixing games, placing bets on teams, lying about your age, and the biggest one of them all, taking performance enhancing substances. Doping is a matter of great public concern, and equally as concerning, is doping procedures that go undetected because they have been manipulated to slip under the radar. Studies show that placebos have powerful effects on strength,†¦show more content†¦On the day of the actual competition, one of the morphine teams, unknowingly received a saline solution instead (i.e. a placebo), while the other morphine team received naloxone, a chemical that blocks the effects of opioids . Most notably, the team that received morphine during training and then a saline injection on competition day, showed the greatest pain endurance. This included superior performance to one of the teams not given morphine during training but only given a placebo injection of saline on competition day, thus showing the added benefit of pharmacological preconditioning during training sessions. The team given morphine during training but naloxone on competition day did not show any greater pain endurance than the other teams, revealing that the placebo effect experienced by the superior team was opioid-based (Benedetti et al., 2007). These findings have profound ethical implications in sport where certain drugs, like morphine are banned during competition but not during training. The results of the experiment support the theory that â€Å"placebos reduce pain by encouraging the brain to produce more natural opiates than usual† (How to Cheat Without Cheating, 2007). Benedetti et al., (2007) claim that this method of morphine administration followed by a placebo on competition day created â€Å"an opioid-mediated increase of pain endurance and physical performance† (p.576), even though no illicit drug was administered. TheShow MoreRelatedThe National Collegiate Athletic Association1589 Words   |  7 Pagesthe extensive rules and regulations that the Association has created (Andrews). Although the National Collegiate Athletic Association is a famous and well-know organization, it has flaws within the system of regulating college athlete’s collegiate sports career. The condition of which colleg e athletes are in while under regulation of the NCAA is neither ethical nor fair. In this paper I will argue that it is not morally ethical the way that the NCAA treats college athletes; the system must be reformedRead MoreErikson s Theory, Vygotzy, And Piaget s Model1583 Words   |  7 Pagesvariety of social science disciplines and approaches to their theories. First, is Erikson’s theory of development which says that there are approximate ages where we learn virtues, go through a psychological crisis, build relationships, and come up with existential questions we are unaware of. As an infant we learn the virtue of hope with a basic trust and mistrust crisis. Many learn to trust at a young age due to the way they are treated by their parents at a young age. If a baby is neglected, he/sheRead MoreSociety Should Increase Accessibility And Make Accommodations For Disable People1670 Words   |  7 Pagesaware of those with disabilities. There are still struggles for those with disabilities to be a fully participate in society. Many individuals use others that have a disability to isolate them from certain societal functions such as employment and sports. Even though there are Organizations and Associations that advocate for those with disability to get fair treatment, individuals are still facing discrimination. Instead of trying to ma ke society more accessible for those with a disability societyRead More Sport, Education, and the Meaning of Victory Essay examples3416 Words   |  14 PagesSport, Education, and the Meaning of Victory Sport was included in ancient educational systems because it was thought to promote aretà ª or human excellence which could be applied to almost any endeavor in life. The goal of most modern scholastic athletic programs might be better summed up in a word: winning. Is this a sign that we have lost touch with the age-old rationale for including sport in education? I argue that it need not be by showing that we value winning precisely for the virtues associatedRead MoreFriendships : Friendship And The Importance Of Friendship1399 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract Friendship is often cited in criticisms of impartial consequentialist moralities such as utilitarianism. (Hurka) According to, utilitarianism is the ethical doctrine that virtue is based on utility, and that conduct should be directed toward promoting the greatest happiness of the greatest number of persons. Friends are essential in life because they are there throughout the good and bad times. They are there to bring out the best in you, such as being there to help you achieveRead MoreThe Summer Reading Assignment Mindset1429 Words   |  6 PagesWhen I first read the email about the summer reading assignment Mindset, my expectations about what the book would be about completely differed from what it actually was. My thoughts were that it would only pertain to school and how to stay positive while going through college. After just five pages, I realized this books usefulness would stay with me for my entire life. When introduced to the fixed and growth based mindsets , I felt as though the growth based mindset defined my academic career thatRead MoreAre You A Bona Fide American?873 Words   |  4 Pagesparagraph 1).It is good by virtue of the new race of men can have more advantages in pretty much anything like school or jobs by virtue of they were born in the country and have a better education by virtue of they already know what to do since they first started life. The only bad thing is that just like good things can happen, also bad things can also happen. One way is that you can have some problems with people who aren t Americans like you by virtue of they are either immigrants or they didn tRead MoreShould College Athletes Be Paid?1454 Words   |  6 PagesAnother year has come and gone in which thousands of fans have been able to enjoy a variety of sports at the collegiate level. Many spectators of collegiate sports would affirm that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) provides as much entertainment as professional sports ; a fact that is prove to by the organization’s annual revenue, which nets more than $6 billion yearly (Fitzel, 3). Interestingly enough, National Basketball Association (NBA) generates less then college football andRead MoreHow China Has Experienced Different Social And Political Systems1590 Words   |  7 Pageslooked too lean and skinny. Mr Picher-Sized-Wen talked to Duke Huan of Qi and Duke Huan was so pleased with him that when he looked at normal men he thought their necks looked too lean and skinny. Therefore, if virtue is pre-eminent, the body will be forgotten. —Zhuangzi, The Sign of Virtue Complete However, by the second century, literati such as Cai Yi (132-92) recognized people with different physical appearances as outsiders, as non-Chinese. They were represented ugly low (short) and not worthyRead MoreCorrelation Between Athletes And Athletes1407 Words   |  6 PagesThe purpose of this study is to examine the Comparison between Athletes and Non- athletes on their academic success including their graduation rates and their growth and a person. Also the disadvantages and advantages between being either, or within the college program. The research was conducted at Abilene Christian University, utilizing two groups, Strictly athletes and non-athletes. A qualitative survey questionnaire method was used to have a fair idea about how people feel about the situation

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The Ethical Egoist Whats the Problem in Plato’s The...

In Plato’s The Republic, Socrates tries to explain the value of justice to man. Other educated Athenians challenge him, however Socrates pokes holes in all of their statements. Socrates argues that there are many problems with their views on social philosophy, especially when it comes to Thrasymachus’ idea of ethical egoism. Plato delivers his view of justice through Socrates when he responds to Thrasymachus, Glaucon, and Cephalus on the issue. Throughout the discussion, Plato never argues against the egoism within humans, however he objects to the idea that the unjust man is better off then the just man; he believes that in order to reach eudaimonia justice is the self-interest that all men must follow. First to understand Plato’s argument there has to be an understanding of Thrasymachus’ argument of ethical egoism. Ethical egoism states that our actions must be done from the perspective of self-interest. Thrasymachus believes that the unjust man is bette r off then the just man and that man should act as to benefit himself. This, in Socrates’ eyes is incorrect because of the problems it causes within a society. While Thrasymachus thinks that a moral man is one who acts with self-interest, Socrates thinks the opposite; a moral man is just. This is the political problem that is brought about by ethical egoism. Plato does not argue against the idea of it, but revises what the actual definition is. The main problem that ethical egoists like Thrasymachus pose to philosophers

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Peopod Free Essays

CASE: III Peapod Online Grocery—2003 The online grocery turned out to be a lot tougher than analysts thought a few years ago. Many of the early online grocers, including Webvan, ShopLink, StreamLine, Kosmom, Homeruns, and PDQuick, went bankrupt and out of business. At one time, Webvan had 46 percent of the online grocery business, but it still wasn’t profitable enough to survive. We will write a custom essay sample on Peopod or any similar topic only for you Order Now The new business model for online grocers is to be part of an existing brick-and-mortar chain. Large grocery chains, like Safeway and Albertson’s, are experiencing sales growth in their online business but have yet to turn a profit. Jupiter Research estimates that online grocery sales will be over $5 billion by 2007, about 1 percent of all grocery sales, while it expects more than 5 percent of all retail sales to be online by then. A few years ago, optimistic analysts estimated online grocery sales would be 10 to 20 times that by 2005, but it didn’t work out that way. One of the few online grocers to survive in 2003 is Peapod, the first online grocer, started by brothers Andrew and Thomas Parkinson in 1990. However, even Peapod was failing until 2001 when Dutch grocery giant Royal Ahold purchased controlling interest in the company for $73 million. Peapod operates in five markets, mainly by closely affiliating itself with Ahold-owned grocery chains. Peapod by Giant is in the Washington, DC, area, while Peapod by Stop and Shop runs in Boston, New York, and Connecticut. The exception is Chicago, where Peapod operates without an affiliation with a local grocery chain. Peapod executives claim the company is growing by 25 percent annually and has 130,000 customers, and all of its markets except Connecticut are profitable. Average order size is up to $143 from $106 three years earlier. The online grocery business seemed like a sure winner in the 1990s. Dual-income families strapped for time could simply go online to do their grocery shopping. They has about the same choices of products that they would have had if they went to a brick-and-mortar grocery, about 20,000 SKUs (stockkeeping units). They could browse the â€Å"aisles† on their home computers and place orders via computer, fax or telephone. The orders were filled at ffiliated stores and delivered to their homes in a 90-minute window, saving them time and effort and simplifying their daily lives. For all this convenience, consumers were willing to pay a monthly fee and a fee per order for packaging, shipping, and delivery. Since most of the products purchased were well-known branded items, consumer faced little risk in buying their traditional foodstuffs. Even perishables like produce and meat could be counted on to be high quality, and if consumers were concerned, they could make a quick trip to a brick-and-mortar grocery for these selections. However, while all of this sounded good, most consumers didn’t change their grocery shopping habits to take advantage of the online alternative. Currently analysts do not expect the online grocery industry to take off in the near future, if ever. Miles Cook of Bain Company estimates that only 8 to 10 percent of U. S. consumers will find ordering groceries online appealing, but only about 1 percent will ever do so. He concludes: â€Å"This is going to remain a niche offering in a few markets. It’s not going to be a national mainstream offering. Jupiter Media Metrix analyst Ken Cassar concludes that â€Å"The moral of the story is that the ability to build a better mousetrap must be measured against consumers’ willingness to buy it. † Question: 1. What behaviors are involved in online grocery shopping? How does online shopping compare with traditional shopping in terms of behavioral effort? 2. What types of consumers are likely to value online grocery shop ping from Peapod? 3. Overall, what do you think about the idea of online grocery shopping? How does it compare with simply eating in restaurants and avoiding grocery shopping and cooking altogether? How to cite Peopod, Papers

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What If free essay sample

The clock read 12:30 pm I slowly pushed myself up from the dismantled array of blankets on the floor. Sprawled across the 2’ by 2’ square foot table laid a stack of 5th-grade academia Easy Arithmetic Math and Beyond, 5 Steps to Perfect Grammar, and A Social World History 6. With the balcony door slightly ajar, the neighborhood preschoolers’ screams echoed from a distance. The humid heat glued my hair onto my neck and every movement felt stiff and forced. My parents were away, busy with work; I had only my brother to rely on. It was day 24 of this nonsense called homeschooling. Every day, I plopped myself at my desk and attempted to focus all my energy on learning. I specifically avoided comfortable garments to fight drowsiness while studying, I completely cleared my desk from distractions, and I drowned my brother with questions. But miserable without a real teacher, I begged to go to local school, even if I couldn’t speak any Korean at the time. My backpack brimming with books, I followed my parents through the airport. We stopped at a newsstand. Naturally, my older sister gravitated to the colorful, glossy magazines in the one corner, while I meandered over towards the books. I had already read all of their children’s books, and felt a little crestfallen. Then, I saw another section: the journals. There were only a few, but they were beautiful. I dragged my mom over. â€Å"Look!† I cried. â€Å"What?† she asked tiredly. â€Å"Aren’t they beautiful?† I demanded, wanting to share my awe with someone. â€Å"They’re very nice,† agreed my mother noncommittally. â€Å"Would you like one?† I grinned. â€Å"Can I have all of them?† As we waited to board the plane, my sister flipped through her new magazine and my mother chatted on the phone. I paged through my journal. Looking back, it wasn’t a nice journal by any means. It was plastic, striped with obnoxious shades of orange and hot pink. To my seven year-old eyes, though, it wasn’t any of that; it was something magical and grown-up. I didn’t know what I planned to write in my journal; I just liked it. In that moment, something occurred to me. Looking back, it was a momentous occasion. I turned to my dad, who was perusing the business section of the newspaper. â€Å"Daddy,† I said. â€Å"What if it’s a magical journal?† He said gently, â€Å"It’s not, honey.† â€Å"What if,† I lowered my voice for suspense, â€Å"a magical fairy lives inside this journal, and when I touch it, I’ll be sucked through a rainbow tunnel into a magical universe?† I beamed proudly despite my father’s lack of reaction. Little did I know, something magical had happened: my very first idea was born. I asked my mother if there was a book about that, because I wanted to read it. She said she didn’t know, but probably not. â€Å"Why don’t you write it?† she suggested half-seriously. â€Å"Write a book?† I echoed. â€Å"Sure. You love them, don’t you?† I nodded solemnly and set about writing my book. Of course, I fully intended to publish it and star in the movie when it came out. Something special happened in that moment: I had found a piece of myself. I realized then that I loved writing books almost as much as I loved reading them. Many ideas followed that first one. Most of them, at least the ones in the beginning, were just as childishly ridiculous. It didn’t matter—they all made it on to paper somehow. Writing books became my life, utterly and completely. It took me some time to realize that my friends did not randomly get ideas or have words buzz around their brains and tingle at their fingertips—I was different. To this day, an idea can come from anywhere, can strike me at the most random moments, but they always begin the same way. Sure, it’s ten years later, but it all begins with two words: What if.